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Reinventing Histories 2014

6 suites of work - 35 works

1 - Herstoria 2 - Momento Mori 3 - Plague Proportions 4 - The Last Night in Venice 5 - Venetian Braille 2 - Reliquaries In 2013 my partner and I travelled to the North of Italy and, using Venice as a base, we took in the Venice Biennale, and travelled south of Florence to Luca and the Upper west coast of Italy. This body of work is my response to that experience. Reinventing Histories exists as 6 suites of work and marks the point at which my ongoing practise has collided with the 'built' history, surfaces, objects and places encountered. Through the 'filter' that is an arts practice (always in a state of flux,) Just needed to use that post travel as if like 'hovering'. I started to see "snippets" of the journey sacred in objects that presented themselves for consideration and they began to leap out at me upon return.



Herstoria 2014

Momento Mori 2014

Plague Proportions 2014
  The Anatomy of a Poem 2014 The Alchemy of the Evening photograph, text, science vials, metal, perspex, wood

 Venetian Braille 2014

(5 in the series) media: rusted, sealed mild steel dimensions: all approx. 1300 x 1100 x 10 cms

Reliqueries ~ Watch over you 2014

300 x 170 x 170 cms Purchased by Art Gallery of SA

BMGArt 444 South Road, Marleston, SA
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